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Which Programs You May Qualify For

The IRS tax code is over 100,000+ pages long, and has more programs than you can count. You don’t have time for that. We can help you navigate the waters, and only apply for the programs that can save you the most money, so you don’t have to worry about it.

How Much You Will Have to Pay

We will have to go through a quick detailed financial assessment to see what programs yo can qualify for, but we routinely have clients legally get out of paying up to 90% - 95% of their tax debts. Imagine if you could only pay $5 when you owe $100?

Exactly What You Should Do Next

The longer you wait, the more interest and penalties that the IRS will tack on to the amount you owe. You need to know exactly what steps to take right now, and start down the path to freedom, before your situation becomes any worse. We can guide you along.

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Free Initial Consultation and Financial Analysis

15 Minutes - We will go through your entire financial situation, step-by-step and see what programs you qualify for, determine how we can help, and answer any questions that you may have.


Research & Investigation

4-7 Days - Using the Power of Attorney, we will work with the IRS to determine what evidence they have against you (without disclosing anything), so we can create a plan of attack.


Fight for the Best Resolution

1-3 Months - After learning exactly what they have against you, we will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf, removing all the penalties we can, and fighting for a great settlement for you.



Forever - Once your tax burdens have been lifted, you can go on living your life again! You will finally be free of the burdens chasing you, and can start fresh with no tax debt!

Risk Free, 30-Day, No Questions Asked Guarantee

Risk Free, 30-Day, No Questions Asked Guarantee

We believe that our work should stand for itself. That is why we offer a No Questions Asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee of all our services. If you aren't satisfied with how our staff handled your case, or our service, just ask and we will give you a full refund of your fees.

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Try Our Top-Rated Service for FREE for a Full 14 Days!

For a limited time only, we are offering limited spots in a 14 Day Free Trial of all our tax relief services. That means that you won't pay a cent for a full 14 days while we work on your case. What other firm stands behind their service enough to let you try it before you buy?

Can tax liens be removed from your credit report / score?

Tax liens are just one of the hardest credit dilemmas for a consumer to defeat. There's a chance that your credit scores may be lowered by the lien. Even when a tax lien is paid and released, your credit scores will likely continue to be affected by the lien for several years as long as it's on your credit files. Get in touch with your national or North Carolina state tax office to validate the outstanding balance and pay off whatever is left. It is a superb chance to agree upon a repayment plan or pay the debt in full in case you really have the skill.

Can tax debt be forgiven?

Yes, tax debt can be forgiven for people who qualify for the program. But it's not as simple as it sounds. Most tax debts can not be wiped out in bankruptcy and in this case, you will continue to owe them at the ending of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, or you'll have to repay them in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan. Thus, in the event you have to discharge tax debts, Chapter 7 bankruptcy will most likely be the better option, but only if your debts qualify for discharge and you are qualified for Chapter 7 bankruptcy which entails the Bankruptcy Qualification Rules.

Can I negotiate an Offer in Compromise agreement during bankruptcy proceedings?

Yes, you can negotiate an Offer in Compromise arrangement during bankruptcy proceeding. You can request what's referred to as 'uncollectible standing.'' This really is the process the IRS uses to freeze the collection account. The agency confiscates any efforts to enforce collection in order to give you time to get back on your feet. The Internal Revenue Service generally approves an offer in compromise when the most they can expect to accumulate within a reasonable period of time are represented by the amount offered. However, it is advisable that you investigate all other payment options before submitting an offer in compromise. Thus, the Offer in Compromise program is not for everyone.

Do tax liens ever expire and go away?

Yes, the collection of most every IRS tax liens finishes, and that would include yours. This is known as the statute of limitations on IRS collections. The Internal Revenue Code gives a window of time to the IRS to collect from you; after that window shuts, you are free from your tax debt along with the IRS. There's an IRS statute of limitations on collecting taxes. The IRS is limited to 10 years to collect back taxes, after that, law bars them from continuing collection actions against you. The IRS 10 year window to collect starts when the IRS originally determines that you owe taxes - that is usually when the consequence of an IRS audit becomes final.

How long can the IRS chase you for unfiled tax returns?

The clock hasn't started on your statute of limitations, if you have unfiled tax returns. That means that the IRS can seek your unfiled returns six years from now, 15 years after, so on and 30 years later. To put it differently, there's no statute of limitations to go following your back tax returns. The statute of limitations clock doesn't start until you file your return. The Internal Revenue Service may send you a notice requesting that you simply file a tax return that is delinquent.

Can debt collectors garnish my tax refund?

Depending on the laws of your state (North Carolina), private debt collectors might have access to those funds. Nevertheless, it is best to get all of the facts before you start to panic. If you're anticipating a tax refund but have concerns about creditors garnishing it, you might be worrying too much. Federal law permits only state and federal government agencies (not individual or private lenders) to take your refund as payment toward a debt. Nevertheless, when you deposit the refund into your bank account, these rules no longer apply.

How do you qualify for an Offer in Compromise agreement?

The Internal Revenue Service usually approves an offer in compromise when the amount offered represents the most they can expect to accumulate within a fair time. Explore all other payment options before submitting an offer in compromise. The Offer in Compromise plan is not for everybody. You should be current with all filing and payment requirements before the IRS can consider your offer. You aren't eligible if you're in an open bankruptcy proceeding. Make use of the Offer in Compromise Pre-Qualifier to verify your qualification and prepare a preliminary proposition.

Can I get fired in NC for having a wage garnishment?

Having a wage garnishment might be viewed by your New Bern company as a danger to possess you around cash or things that may vanish inexplicably. Maybe you are considered as unreliable because there is evidence that you do not honor obligations, or lacking good character, such as repaying what you owe. And bother the payroll folks and your company now has to cope with a court order. But despite all this, an employer may not fire you due to one wage garnishment. It is unlawful under the Consumer Credit Protection Act. But be cautious. If you have greater than one garnishment, you may be fired by the company.

How do I settle my tax debt for less than I owe?

An offer in compromise allows you to pay your tax debt for under the total amount you owe. It might be a valid option in the event you can not pay your tax liability that is complete, or a financial hardship is created by doing so. The IRS considers your unique set of circumstances and facts for example: Skill Income; Expenses; and Asset equity. The IRS generally approves an offer in compromise when the amount offered represents the most we can expect to collect within a reasonable time. Explore all other payment options before submitting an offer in compromise. Our New Bern business can help improve your odds of qualifying.

Can the IRS levy my bank account without notice?

Yes, perhaps no other action taken by the Internal Revenue Service is surprising, more tumultuous, and panic-inducing than an IRS levy on your checking account or savings account. With one notice sent to your bank, the Internal Revenue Service can seize every penny you've got, and use it toward your tax bill. You might never realize it until the cash is gone to make it worse. Whether you are in line to buy grocery stores, at your workplace opening correspondence that tells you your check for materials has bounced, or being told by a distressed employee that her pay check bounced, a bank levy can be a living nightmare.

Call one of our New Bern experts for a no-obligation conversation about your current situation, and what can be done to get relief from your debts.

New Bern

We are proud to serve New Bern, and will go the additional mile to ensure every customer is treated like members of our own family.

Here are a few ways we can help people in or around New Bern finally be free:

We can help turn that mountain of tax debt you have built up into a small fraction of the size.

At our New Bern tax firm, we take the pride in significantly reducing our clients’ tax debts given our wide expertise in this subject of assisting they. We’ve helped corporations, associations, small businesses and individual tax payers in resolution and debt negotiation.

Our Goals

Our objective is to leave you with realistic expectations as to consequences that are probable and offering you a thorough understanding of the process for resolving or reducing your tax debt. Additionally, we make it upon our most significant task to negotiate the lowest possible IRS payment amount utilizing the most favorable strategy permitted by the law. We will take you get through the tax aid options that are available before you hire us.

Your Satisfaction

We’ve really been able to achieve high client satisfaction, thanks to the ethical and honest strategy that we take towards tax problem resolution.

We are prepared to help you in reducing your tax debt to the bottom amount possible if you’re thinking about how you are going to cut back your tax debt or in the event you’re fighting with a legal problem associated with taxes. Our extensive experience with tax law allows us to represent you with passion practicality and competence.

Our North Carolina firm can have your bank levies removed within 24-48 hours

A bank levy is the process whereby the IRS gets a ”writ of execution” after getting his judgment from the court in North Carolina. Accordingly, to be able to recoup the debt the writ authorizes the lender to retain the property owned by the debtor.

With instructions that he seize impose the New Bern personal property, the creditor delivers the writ of execution to the sheriff in New Bern. Typically, in the event the original debt owed is to a bank for sums owed on credit cards, the lender may request to be paid in liquid resources. When such cases arise, the lender has the mandate to instruct the marshal or sheriff after getting the funds from the judgment debtor’s account, to transfer the funds to her or his account.

Nevertheless, it is vital to take note that there is a great chance that the resources will likely be returned to the debtor if a judgment-debtor timely submits a Claim of Exemption form to the marshal or sheriff. The lender won’t be discussed here although they can also impose other personal assets. Our North Carolina business includes qualified bank levy attorneys who’ll enable you to do away with your current bank levy.

Thus, when you approach our firm to assist you with removing your tax levy, we will take you as go through the following:

  • Evaluate the judgment debtor’s risk in connection with bankruptcy and wage garnishment;
  • We’ll assist the judgment-debtor understand their various legal alternatives to be able to include the pros and cons in connection with submitting a Claim of Exemption form, debt settlement and filing bankruptcy;
  • Describe the benefits and drawbacks of challenging a bank levy;
  • Identify and explain significant dates and deadlines;
  • Provide a summary of the bank-levy procedure; andExplain the legal significance of the legal paperwork.

By putting off paying your taxes, you’ve incorrect massive amounts of IRS and North Carolina penalties and interest charges over time.

Fees and iRS Penalties can sometimes be beyond our financial capability to pay; and this might cause lots of frustration to the tax payer.

Paying your tax bill on time is significantly less than compared to failure to file penalty, which usually results in additional fees and interest charges.In case you can’t pay what you owe by due date, therefore, you need to still file your tax return on time.

The great thing is that there are other options that you could research in paying your taxes and they comprise obtaining financing or paying by credit card.

The tax bill that IRS regularly sends the taxpayer generally includes penalties and interest costs. Occasionally, these interest fees and penalties may be shocking.

Penalties and Interest can Double Your Debt

For example, you will get an old $8,000 tax bill could climb to $16,000 in interest and fees tacked it to on. However, the great news is the fact that we can assist you with your penalties and fees and make IRS remove the interest and penalty just as simple as it was added.

Our New Bern company includes highly-capable tax attorneys and they have managed numerous cases involving IRS penalties and fees all across North Carolina. We’ll assist you to come up with a reasonable cause that vividly explains why you haven’t been able to pay your taxes.

Having an experienced firm in North Carolina behind you can mean the difference between having to pay more than you actually owe, and only paying a fraction of it.

With experienced tax representation, we supply our North Carolina clients at our New Bern law firm. We understand that sometimes, preparing your own tax return may be expensive, frustrating, and confusing given the very fact that credits and cash-saving deductions can be easily overlooked as always-changing tax laws can perplex so much as the most savvy citizen.

As seasoned tax professionals, we will be able to enable you to save time, anxiety and cash.

We will correctly prepare your return to take advantage of all the credits and deductions to which you are eligible since our tax lawyers know the tax laws and constantly study changes in tax policy to have a better understanding of the way the changes may affect you.

Additionally, we have gathered much experience in our practice representing various customers with a variety of tax problems. We’ll always stand by your side guiding you through the whole process to identify how your tax return was prepared since we understand the tax codes for both the United States and also the state of North Carolina.

Knowledge to Help You

We have the relevant knowledge and experience to provide seasoned and complete representation to our clients before the neighborhood taxing authorities in New Bern, the state of North Carolina along with the IRS, in the event the need arises. Therefore, in the event you are confronting any tax problems, we will be happy to help.

Putting an end to Wage Garnishment of your North Carolina paychecks fast

Then chances are the IRS has taken action with a wage garnishment of your wages / salary if you have failed to file your back taxes for a number of years.

Frequently times, when one is in this type of scenario, legal right is provided to the debt collector and they can choose whether to have some part of your wages garnished from your bank account or pay check directly.

Maximum Percent You Can Be Garnished

The maximum percentage of the sum which can be withdrawn from your account is dependent upon various North Carolina state laws on wage garnishment. But this garnishment will set a hamper on your cash flow, and may make paying your statements considerably harder.

Our New Bern company has highly experienced lawyers which specialize in helping our customers remove wage garnishments or claim for damages where your paycheck has been garnished. It is very important to consult with one of the garnishment lawyers of our law firm, found right in New Bern, on how to handle your wage garnishment issue to help you and be at a safer position.

Typically, the debtor gets the right before approaching their company, to be notified about the wage garnishment.

Therefore, if by any chance they choose to pursue this form of debt collection, the lenders are required to follow a specific protocol. The good news is that our attorneys have the experience that is required to help you stop the garnishment of your wages that are present. We will be able to assist you to become free of these financial burdens, as you seek to get your life back on course.

Our Experience Can Remove Garnishments Fast

We know the pain that you confront as your income gets reduced by the debt collector. Therefore, you should give us a call now before the time that your wage garnishment problem gets out of control.


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